How To Distinguish Between Dating vs. Hanging Out

Something scares you. It’s not terrorism, economic recession, global warming, or gasoline prices that could hit 10 bucks per gallon by the time you’re done reading this. These things might worry you, but something else makes your palms sweat and your pulse hit triple digits: asking someone out on a … [Read More...]


Why Churches Need To Get In The Game

Every college town in North America is gearing up for the most exciting time of the year. It’s time for the fall semester--it’s game time! Students are on their way back to their campuses by the thousands. According to the National Center of Education Statistics, there were 21.8 million college … [Read More...]

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The 10 Friends You Need in Your Life

When you reach the 20- and 30-something stage in life, it's easy to see how friendships come and go. Those kids from 8th grade camp are no longer in your e-mail list. Buddies from high school who wrote in your yearbook, "We'll be friends forever!" are already a distant memory. Young adulthood is a … [Read More...]


4 Keys To A More Fulfilling Career

Millennials have a curious reputation. They seem to care less about materialism than previous generations and sincerely desire to change the world. But, they’ve also been tagged with being the most unfocused, selfish, and lazy of all generations. While every generation and person is different, … [Read More...]


3 Essentials for Connecting With Young Adults

He was your server at your favorite restaurant after church on Sunday. She was sitting next to you on your bus commute this morning. They get together as a group at your local coffee shop. They fill your local college campus from August until May every year. Who are they? They are … [Read More...]