Why Your Ministry Should Be a Model

Are the ways I minister on a daily basis establishing an appropriate model for my college students? This is a question I've been pondering a lot recently. College ministry is both a wonderful privilege and a deeply heavy responsibility. We're doing our students a disservice when we model … [Read More...]


Why Young Adults Desire Spiritual Depth

The conversation about the absence of Millennials in churches has been front and center recently. The largest generation to ever be alive in our country is not connecting to our churches the way previous generations have. The question remains…why not? In a previous post, I started the … [Read More...]


4 Things to Consider When Seeking a Church

Usually by freshman year of college, church attendance is at a slow decline; especially when you don’t live at home. It's easy to prioritize your weekends around home games and the need to sleep in after a late Saturday night. It's even easier to skip church when you don’t have a parent standing … [Read More...]


3 Ways to Foster Community with Young Adults

I've had countless conversations recently about what it looks like to do collegiate and young adult ministry in churches. Wouldn't it be nice if there was some amazing formula we could put into place and – PRESTO – young adults are showing up and involved ministry? Unfortunately, it’s not that … [Read More...]


3 Tips for Getting Your Life On Track

If you're feeling a bit lost about the direction you want to take in life, you're certainly not alone (though that may not make you feel any better about it)! When we're young, the world is our oyster, and the possibilities are limitless--and that may be part of the problem. There are so many … [Read More...]

College was the best four years of our lives

A Cultural Timeline of the Incoming Class of 2018

Reality check. This fall, the incoming class of 2018 will begin their freshman year of college. If that doesn’t make you feel old enough, here’s a look back at the timeline of cultural events they experienced along the way. Prepare to be fascinated.   1995-1996 - Born November 22, 1995 … [Read More...]


Father’s Day Facts

Father's Day is the one time a year when we set aside time to honor and thank dear ol' Dad. Here's a quick look at how American dads are stacking up these days. 70.1 million The estimated number of fathers in the United States. 1.96 million The estimated number of single dads in … [Read More...]