Grace. What Does it Really Mean?

The Greek word for grace is charis, and there’s no question of its importance in biblical theology. Charis appears 116 times in the New Testament. There’s a lot about grace in Scripture because it’s the message of Jesus. Grace means favor. It means acceptance. It means giving. Grace is free … [Read More...]

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Share the Love

Loving your neighbor who bakes you cookies and leaves you sweet notes on your door is a breeze. But loving your neighbor who plays loud music all night and leaves his trash out so bugs show up — now that's a different story. Here are some practical ways to show your neighbors love, even the … [Read More...]

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Are you distracted?

If I could pick one word that I think best describes this generation it would be the word distracted. I debated whether or not I really needed to take the time to argue my case, so instead of me writing about it, just look up at the people around you. What are they doing? Where are they looking … [Read More...]


Opening One Door At A Time

Scripture clearly calls us to care for others—to open our doors to those in need. So, would you consider that ministry or just genuine hospitality? Or both? Isn't that for people with spacious homes and plenty of time on their hands? Read on to learn what Tony Merida, pastor of Imago Dei Church, has … [Read More...]


Do Something

We live in a word-saturated world. We don't have to look far to find opinions; they find us. Glance through a blog, read a wall-post, scroll through your tweets, or flip through a textbook and you'll hear hundreds of voices clamoring to persuade you. Friends, professors, authors, coworkers, and the … [Read More...]