Why You Should Grow Where You’re Planted

I’ll admit it. I hate cleaning gutters. Standing on ladders? Walking around on a roof? Scooping up handfuls of goop? No thanks! But there always comes a time when I know it’s time to pull out the ladder, walk around the roof, and shovel out the goop. It’s when I can see upstart plants growing out … [Read More...]


Are You Overcommitted?

Ever felt like you just don't have enough time to give to the things and people in your life who demand it? I find myself at this place of tension often. Being an extrovert, I love spending face-to-face time with people. Nothing brings more joy to my life than just being with the people. Because … [Read More...]


Why Faith Is A Must During College

  Ever heard the following statement? “Experimenting is normal. It’s just what college kids do.” I don’t know about you, but I fell for that ploy hook-line-and-sinker.  I dared not question that the “rules” of my faith did not have to follow me into college. And why would I? I was … [Read More...]

Man in chair in field

Is It Time To Be Still?

My life is so busy. Yours too, right? Busy seems to be the cadence of our world, and I often hear proclamations from others (and from myself) on just how very busy we are; how there is always something more to do. For me, unfortunately, this busyness routine I've embraced over the years has … [Read More...]


9 Reasons Less Is More in Social Media

Sharing is good. Or at least that's what we were taught growing up, right? As kids, we were encouraged to share our toys, our time on the swing, and our Goldfish snacks. (If you have siblings, you can definitely affirm the value of sharing.) But sharing takes on a whole new meaning when it comes … [Read More...]


4 Ways To Connect With Transient Young Adults

Transient is not a bad word. On any given Sunday in a young adult/collegiate ministry setting in our churches, we are likely to have a completely different crowd each week. Young adults work. They go on spontaneous trips. Family lives in different cities. Young adults are transient. They don’t … [Read More...]