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Advent: Expectation

When I think of the season of Advent, the four-week part of the church calendar that immediately precedes Christmas, the word that comes to mind is “expectation.” Indeed, Advent is a season in which we wait hopefully for that which is promised but is not yet fully formed. It is during this time … [Read More...]


Lord, Have Mercy!

Éleos is Greek for “mercy” as it is defined by loyalty to God’s covenant; pity; compassion. God’s éleos is stunning, and the Book of Nehemiah highlights it along with our need for a Savior and the lengths He goes to prove His love and mercy to us. In Nehemiah 9:6, the people begin praising the … [Read More...]


The Top 10 Creative Gift Ideas

It's Christmastime! We all know it's better to give than to receive. These 10 gift ideas will help you show your appreciation to your family without leaving you broke. 1. The Perfect Date - Give the family your quality time with a date to a coffee shop, a museum, or a day of shameless (and free) … [Read More...]

Lacey Sturm

Do You Have Confidence In Your Purpose?

I survived, like we all do, against the odds. I should be dead. I should be a statistic. I shouldn’t be scribbling all over this page trying to describe the indescribable. So what happened? Was it chance, an accident, or dumb fate that I’m here now, a thirtysomething rock-and-roll mom looking back … [Read More...]

Gray Bridge

Why Gray Areas Can Be Good

It's obvious that Christianity and culture have never been "best friends." Actually, it's usually quite the opposite. The Christian community often finds itself in a war with culture that results in damaging consequences on both sides. Culture gets an inaccurate view of Christianity that's wrapped … [Read More...]