Opening One Door At A Time

Scripture clearly calls us to care for others—to open our doors to those in need. So, would you consider that ministry or just genuine hospitality? Or both? Isn't that for people with spacious homes and plenty of time on their hands? Read on to learn what Tony Merida, pastor of Imago Dei Church, has … [Read More...]


Do Something

We live in a word-saturated world. We don't have to look far to find opinions; they find us. Glance through a blog, read a wall-post, scroll through your tweets, or flip through a textbook and you'll hear hundreds of voices clamoring to persuade you. Friends, professors, authors, coworkers, and the … [Read More...]


How to Set Goals That Make a Difference

New Year’s resolutions. Love them or hate them, they reappear every year. Laden with good intentions each January, many of us start on a litany of goals with a desire to change ourselves. We vow to work out, get out of debt, spend more time studying, and so forth. The thing about New Year’s … [Read More...]


3 Tips for Asking the Better Question

There seems to be a conundrum in the church when it comes to the idea of a question. Questions can be one of two things: 1) an interrogative sentence that is used to gather information or 2) a starting point for further exploration on a topic that results in change or greater … [Read More...]


7 Ways to Stick With Your Daily Bible Reading

So you'd like to begin spending time with God daily? It's a noble goal and one that every Christian should strive for. Whatever it is that has moved you to act, you'll have a better chance of developing a daily habit of time with God if you follow these seven tips for nurturing a daily devotional … [Read More...]


What is God-centered Humility?

William Wilberforce will be remembered in history as the social reformer who pioneered 45 years toward the end of slavery in England. At a mere 5’3” tall with a chest that measured just 33 inches, Wilberforce would not make anyone’s list of physically impressive world changers. It was his reliance … [Read More...]