3 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel

If you're anything like me, witnessing comes super-easily. It seems I can winsomely turn every conversation I have back to the foundations of the gospel, have people laughing, nodding their head in agreement, crying, and saying, "Amen!" within just a few minutes. I quote a verse, and people cry out, … [Read More...]


4 Key Questions For A Ministry In Decline

If you've been in a ministry leadership role with college students or young adults for any amount of time, you've seen it happen. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will. Here’s the scenario: Your ministry is booming. People are showing up. Everyone seems engaged with others. There’s a general … [Read More...]


Is Jesus Really All You Need?

“All you need is Jesus.” Ever heard that phrase? In the evangelical world that I consider myself a part of, this phrase is constantly proclaimed as the very essence of the Christian faith. All I need is my personal relationship with Jesus. Everything else may be helpful, but not necessary to live … [Read More...]


The Ugly Truth About College Students And The Gospel

Here’s the ugly truth about college students and sharing Christ: Based on our understanding from research and personal experience, it’s clear that typical Christian college students do not regularly share their faith. Most Christian collegians have never even attempted to share the gospel with … [Read More...]


Do You Need Help Finding Balance?

Welcome to the rest of your life: finding balance. I'd be lying to you if I said I had mastered this in college, or even that I'm a master of balance now. Business Insider recently posted an article about 9 things everyone should be able to do by age 30. (Personally, I think you should be able to … [Read More...]

Two girls talking in a cafe

5 Tips for Building Genuine Relationships

Making and keeping friends isn't always an easy task. Sometimes, you have to put a little work into it. If you're looking for some simple ways to build genuine relationships (and keep them), try these five tips: Show Up Simple, right? Get outside every once in a while and do something other than … [Read More...]


3 Things To Consider “As We Go”

Have you ever wondered how your dentist really learned how to fill a cavity? Or how about the guy that roofed your house last summer? How did he learn how to perfectly align the shingles so that your roof would not leak? Likely, these practitioners learned by watching someone. Sure, they … [Read More...]