A Different Kind of Karaoke

Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you had to change who you were to fit in socially? For me, that experience was high school. The angst, stress and pressure to make things work within the social scene was overwhelming at times. I had my church friends, my baseball teammates, my … [Read More...]

Group of friends with fireworks

New Name, Same Mission  

Over the next few days, you will notice a few changes on our blog and social media feeds. To better highlight who we serve, we're changing our name to LifeWay Young Adults. Our … [Read More...]


Friendship in a Facebook World

It happened to me recently. I got an alert on my iPhone that I had received a friend request on Facebook. I pulled up that person's profile only to find  I didn't recognize the person's name or profile photo in the slightest. Faced with only two options (Confirm or Delete), I created a third option … [Read More...]


It’s All About New Life

If you've taken any type of Biology class, you’ve likely studied DNA. Generally, DNA is the blueprint for life: It stores the genetic code for all living organisms. Virtually every cell in your body contains the exact same DNA code — and no two people have the same code. Even the tiniest parts of … [Read More...]


Why the Easter Celebration Deserves a Second Look

If you’re like most americans, you start playing Christmas carols — “O Holy Night” and “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” — at least a month before Christmas. You spend hours wrapping gifts and hanging lights, jaunting off to countless Christmas parties. But in the weeks leading up to Easter, do you sit … [Read More...]


It’s official. Spring Break is here!

It's March. For our Threads team, that means one thing—Beach Reach is in full swing! Beach Reach is a collegiate mission trip experience from March 7-20 where servant evangelism takes the form of free van rides and pancakes. Thousands visit Panama City during spring break and many are hurting and … [Read More...]


Peeling Off the Labels

I have a friend that has a fixation with peeling labels off of everything. The first time I met her, I remember her absent-mindedly peeling off every label that was within her reach. She finally turned to me and said in a light-hearted tone, “If you haven’t noticed, I have this obsession with … [Read More...]